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what is journaling

Journaling is the practice of regularly recording one's thoughts, feelings, experiences, and reflections in a written format. It can take various forms, including traditional pen-and-paper journals, digital journals, blogs, or a dedicated journaling like jornee.


People engage in journaling for a multitude of reasons, and the motivations behind this practice are as diverse as the individuals who undertake it. Modern journaling has evolved from past practices through history and religion, retaining its core principles whilst embracing technological advancements and contemporary lifestyles. 

Beyond personal introspection, modern journaling has found meaningful applications in the spaces of mental health, personal development, gratitude and creativity. The overlapping aims and practices between traditional and contemporary writing activities means that there is no end in how you can personalise your writing practice, or the many evolutions it can take.

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Acknowledging journaling’s history and spiritual past

From the diaries of historical figures to the sacred manuscripts of ancient civilizations, the practice of recording thoughts and experiences emerges as an integral thread in the fabric of our shared human experience. Understanding the historical significance of journaling allows us to grasp its evolution and enduring relevance across time.

Unraveling journaling's roots, we find a deep interweaving with spiritual practices spanning diverse cultures. In ancient civilizations, individuals engaged in the profound act of documenting spiritual experiences, reflections, and encounters with the divine. Whether through the meditative writings of Buddhist monks or the contemplative diaries of Christian mystics, journaling served as a conduit for spiritual exploration, offering a pathway to deepen one's connection with something 'more'.

In the 21st century, the digital era has given journaling and expressive writing a revival, presenting more ways to connect with the practice through blogs, online journals, and mobile applications (us!). While the historical practice has evolved, the fundamental essence of journaling as a channel for introspection and personal development has remained.

Acknowledging the spiritual past of journaling invites us to integrate sacred elements into a modern practice. Whether through intentional prompts that delve into existential questions or exercising mindfulness techniques, individuals can transform their journaling sessions into sacred moments. This can create a profound connection with a sense of self, allowing individuals to spend time looking inward amidst the noise and social comparisons in our digital age.

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