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how it works

The jornee app uses its founder's unique framework to help you understand yourself better.

It combines
psychology and the philosophy of historical, spiritual, and personal practices to show you how your emotions, especially the difficult ones, are often an expression of an unmet need

Let us walk you through it... 

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First, you will navigate through the app's emotional needs sections.

In these sections, you can take our exclusive emotional needs tests, designed to help uncover the potential unmet emotional needs behind your feelings and emotions.

receive insights

The app will then offer insights onto whether an emotional need might or might not be going unmet.

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You will then receive a journaling prompt related to that emotional need that will help you tap into your inner wisdom to reflect on how to get your needs met.

You can write into the app, or use the prompts to write into your physical journal, if that's what you prefer.

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are you ready to rediscover emotional wellbeing?

let's do a quick
grounding exercise using our 5 senses
what happened today that was difficult to accept?
if money wasn't an issue, how would you be living your life?

more than a journal, a deep dive into yourself.

jornee offers prompts for you to learn how to better meet your needs and live a more connected life.

✔️ track the trends of your unmet needs 

✔️ learn to communicate and meet them

✔️ become more accepting of who you are

✔️ get in touch with your core values

✔️ cultivate more authentic relationships

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