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what are emotional needs?

Emotional needs are those specific desires, necessities, or requirements that we yearn for but have not yet fulfilled. Despite our unique personalities and backgrounds, we share fundamental psychological needs that drive our emotions and behaviour.

From childhood, we all strive to meet these needs, which include safety, connection, appreciation, autonomy, impact, variety, fun, and rest.


are you having your
emotional needs met?

Take our short test to find out.

where can I learn more about my unmet emotional needs and how to meet them?

After two decades of studying and practicing mindfulness and self-discovery practices from various traditions, our founder has developed a unique framework for identifying and meeting emotional needs. This led her to write the eBook "Freedom Through Feelings: Reconnecting with Yourself Through Your Emotional Needs", which offers:

FTF Cover.jpg

⭐️ A comprehensive emotional needs audit, with over 80 feeling statements that help you identify your unmet emotional needs in your daily life.

📝 100+ journaling prompts for tapping into your inner wisdom to fulfil your unmet emotional needs.


🌈 An in-depth explanation of the framework, with anecdotes and insights from a life’s journey of healing and self-exploration. 

unlocking the benefits of journaling by identifying unmet emotional needs

When seeking personal growth and self-discovery through journaling, it's crucial to identify unmet emotional needs to address repeating patterns and evolve our writing practice.

So how can journaling and identifying unmet emotional needs benefit me?

identifying and addressing emotional
needs with journaling

Journaling can be a powerful tool to help you uncover unmet emotional needs. By being open and honest about your innermost thoughts and emotions, you can gain profound insights into what's lacking in your life, while developing self-compassion.

problem-solving and decision-making

Your journal can be your problem-solving companion. It allows you to map out your goals and dreams, brainstorm potential solutions, and craft actionable plans to fulfill your unmet emotional needs, for a more authentic and fulfilling life.

seeking the necessary support

Through journaling, you may realise the importance of seeking support from friends, family, or professionals to address your unmet needs. Your journal can serve as a strategic tool to plan how to communicate these needs and enlist the essential support.

cultivating self-reflection
and awareness

Journaling fosters self-awareness, equipping you to discern recurring patterns and themes tied to your unmet emotional needs. This newfound self-awareness is the cornerstone of personal growth and transformation.

emotional liberation through putting your thoughts into words

Journaling provides a safe and judgment-free space to express your emotions. Writing down your feelings without filters can help you process difficult emotions, reduce stress, and gain clarity about the emotional impact of neglecting your needs.

setting and tracking your personal goals

Once you've identified your unmet emotional needs, journaling enables you to establish specific and achievable goals to work toward their fulfilment. You can break down larger objectives into manageable steps and meticulously document and monitor your progress within your journal.

measuring your

Your journal serves as a tracking tool, enabling you to measure your strides in addressing unmet emotional needs. Reflect on your actions, the hurdles you've encountered, and the triumphs you've achieved. This continuous documentation can fuel your motivation and sense of accountability.

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