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what is the most universal human need?

to be human is to need to feel connected.


connection is what motivates us to wake up every day and show up for life.


a feeling of lack of connection with life and to others often leads to depression.


a lack of connection with our inner most needs can lead to stress and anxiety.

do you feel 

we live in a very disconnected society.


we are taught to suppress our emotions for the sake of achieving goals.


but by suppressing our emotions, we are suppressing our humanity.

what if we told you that there is nothing wrong with feeling your emotions?

all of our emotions like anger, frustration, sadness and grief, often come from an unmet need for connection with something, someone, or ourselves.

what if we told you that, actually, they are nothing but expressions for your need for connection?

the intelligent journal that helps you reconnect with yourself through your emotions

how it works

you write how you're feeling in your journal

jornee reads and understands your feelings

jornee offers insights about the unmet needs behind them

jornee also offers exercises and practices for you to learn how to meet your needs, and reconnect with yourself.

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