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the intelligent journaling app that helps you reconnect with yourself through your emotions

to be human is to need connection.


the need for connection is what motivates us to show up for life.


a feeling of disconnection with life and others often leads to depression.


a disconnection with our inner most needs can lead to stress and anxiety.

do you feel disconnected?

(dis)connection drives our emotions

most of us are taught to suppress our emotions in our everyday lives.


but by suppressing our emotions, we suppress our ability to express our needs and connect with others.

this is why often things just feel "off", and we don't really know why.

what if we told you that your emotions are not the problem?

our uncomfortable emotions, like anger, frustration, sadness and grief, are expressions of unmet needs for connection with something, someone, or ourselves.

what if we told you that, actually, your emotions are the key to unlock a more fulfilling and authentic life?

how it works

jornee combines modern psychology and the philosophy of yoga through AI, to help you understand yourself better, and stop the cycle of self-judgement.


you write how you feel


jornee reads and understands your feelings


jornee offers insights about the unmet needs behind them

jornee also offers tips for you to learn how to better meet your needs and live a more relaxed life, by helping you:

✔️ track the trends of your unmet needs 

✔️ learn to
be more kind to yourself

✔️ become more accepting of who you are

✔️ get in touch with your core values

✔️ cultivate more authentic relationships

sign up to stay in touch

jornee is in very early days of development.
in the meantime you can sign up to receive: 

inspirational content about mental health

✔️ news as to how far we are from launching

✔️ invites to become our first paid testers

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Thank you, speak soon!

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